Twitter rolls out new Gotham font for Web; expectedly most users overreact

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, Twitter has indeed changed its primary web font for user profiles and has moved to what would be called a sleeker typeface, except that not a lot of users like it so far.


The new font is called Gotham Narrow SSm and will replace the Helvetica Neue that Twitter had been using since its inception. The font is the product of Hoefler & Co, a NYC-based type foundry, according to Mashable.

Twitter rolls out new Gotham font for Web; expectedly most users overreact

The official announcement


The font change appears across the Twitter website, and is most prominent on the new user profiles. You can also see it in the sidebars, regular tweets and in tweet conversation pages. Twitter's mobile apps and the mobile web UI remains unchanged for now. It could be that the company is waiting to see the reaction from users. In which case, expect the font to be rolled back quickly, if Twitter's past buckling under pressure is any indication, because people are naturally overreacting.


Yes, just like most design changes forced down their throats, pretty much everyone on Twitter is of the opinion that the font sucks. Confession: I'm still having a hard time seeing the big difference, but many users have lost it. For the typeface-challenged, Twitter's design guidelines page illustrates the difference. Sample some of these tweets



Obviously, that's not the only Batman joke.  



 She's in the minority



No one asked this guy. Poor him.



He has the right of it



Perhaps an overreaction?


What do you think of the font change? If you haven't noticed it at all, you are using Twitter right.

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