Twitter now lets you file a single report for multiple abusive tweets

Twitter now makes it easier to report abusive behavior with the ability to report multiple tweets at once.

Twitter just made it more difficult for trolls to engage in hateful conduct, harassment, impersonation or any other kind of abusive behavior. Filing a report in Twitter so far involved flagging a tweet and writing about why that particular tweet was against the Twitter rules.

In a measure to save time, and to add more context to a report to make it easier for Twitter staff to respond, Twitter now allows users to clump a number of tweets together, and file a report on all those tweets at once. This also prevents the twitter staff from handling longer queues of reports, if users have reported multiple abusive tweets multiple times. There is now a shorter time required for Twitter to respond to abusive tweets.

A short animated graphic shows a typical usage scenario. It shows a figure in a bad mood inundating a user with a ton of abusive tweets. Flagging or reporting each and every one of those many tweets would have been intimidating for anyone but a bot. The situation is handled by quickly reporting all the tweets at once.

The feature has beginning rolling out on web, Android and iOS. The update is expected to land on all accounts and devices over the next few weeks. According to the twitter blog post, this is only the first in a series of updates meant to spruce up the security measures  on Twitter.

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