Twitter may use a tombstone picture to flag posts that violate company policy

Instead of a tweet notifying inappropriate content, an image of a tombstone may now do the job.

Twitter is changing the way it will notify users for violating company policy.

A report by The Wall Street Journal reveals that Twitter is planning on using a picture of a tombstone to flag posts or users who violate company policy. Along with a warning the tombstone picture will also let the user know that their post has been pulled down. As of now, Twitter does the same via a tweet.

Twitter may use a tombstone picture to flag posts that violate company policy

Twitter will now use tombstone to flag content that is against its company policy. Creative credit: Tech2/Nandini Yadav

This plan for change comes a month after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared a post on the microblogging platform saying that the company has been working on "explaining our decisions in the past" and fixing what kind of content is allowed on the website.

Context? Well, this was the time when the whole tech world had collectively banned InfoWars and its founder Alex Jones, who was said to have propagated hate speech and known for spreading unsubstantiated allegations about tragic events, including 9/11. Twitter had refused to ban Jones saying he hadn't violated any of the company policies. Later, the platform deactivated his account for seven days saying some content policy may have been violated.

And now the WSJ report also reveals that Dorsey personally weighed in on the high-profile accounts like that of Alex Jones and Richard Spencer. Dorsey reportedly wanted to “keep far-right platforms on the website” and overruled a decision last month taken by the company staff to shut down Jones’s account.