Twitter is testing to allow your favourite Lists to be pinned to your main feed

This feature is only being rolled out to testers who are already testing Lists on the Home tab.

Twitter has been giving its Lists feature some attention lately. After rolling out an experimental feature to swipe across Lists from the Home tab, the company is now further testing its capability. This includes allowing users to pin their favourite Lists to the main feed.

Twitter is testing to allow your favourite Lists to be pinned to your main feed

Twitter app for iOS.

The Lists feature gives users more control over their timeline by allowing them to create custom lists of Twitter accounts. This makes it easier to stay up-to-date with tweets from numerous accounts without having to follow them from the primary account. It also ensures the timeline is less cluttered.

Twitter is now testing an option that gives users the ability to have a few of Lists easily accessible from the Home tab to quickly open them. Under settings, users will be able to select the lists they want to pin to their main feed. From a report by Engadget, Twitter has said that this is being rolled out to a number of testers who will be able to use the feature for now.

Since this is the second experiment that Twitter is conducting around Lists, it looks like more customisation options will be introduced to it until it’s finally released to the public.

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