Twitter is becoming more valuable to publishers after Facebook's NewsFeed overhaul says study

Facebook’s recent overhaul of the NewsFeed has met with some dramatic changes and it seems the social networking giant is on its way to roll out its new engagement model anytime soon.

Logo of Facebook. Reuters.

Logo of Facebook. Reuters.

According to a report by Buzzfeed News, it has been found that Facebook is sending 2.5 visitors to publishing websites as against one visitor on Twitter. This is half the number of visitors Facebook is known to send, which used to be 4.5 visitors on an average for every one visitor that Twitter sends.

The data was obtained from SocialFlow, a publishing tool on social media used by many publishing houses. The data was collected for the month of October, November, December and January. While Twitter had an abysmally low number of clicks per post from in October and November, there was a slight change in the month of December, followed by January when Mark Zuckerberg came with his post on the NewsFeed overhaul.

The data was generated from 10.1 million posts and 2.1 billion clicks.

With Facebook’s announcement regarding the overhaul of NewsFeed, there has been a confusion of sorts regarding the future of posts on the Facebook.

The overhaul was brought with respect to the Russian linked ads which were present during the US elections of 2016. Moreover, Facebook was mostly targetted for spreading fake news and misinformation.

Updated Date: Jan 31, 2018 09:24 AM