Twitter has created an official 'Twitter Retweets' account to display the best tweets

The account will act as a repository where you can browse through some of the best tweets on Twitter.

While Twitter scrambles to sanitise the platform from anonymous and abusive accounts, it wants its users to also look at the best content. A new account called ‘Twitter Retweets’ is now present on the platform that has retweeted a few popular tweets.

 Twitter has created an official Twitter Retweets account to display the best tweets

Representational image. Reuters

The account’s bio reads “Your best Tweets. Retweeted.” Reported by The Verge, the account was created yesterday (5 December). For starters, it’s nice to see that the account isn’t only retweeting tweets that have five-figure retweets. Otherwise, it would simply become an account that compiles "tweetdecked" tweets. While it sounds like a good idea to highlight the best tweets on the platform at one single location, it brings in a lot of responsibility to ensure that original posters are given credit.

Twitter is notoriously known for several reasons, one of them being accounts copying tweets. It’s worse when the copied tweet receives better impressions and engagement on the platform rather than the original creator. The Twitter Retweets account needs to ensure that it doesn’t credit copied tweets because let’s be real, any tweet retweeted by the official account does indicate a form of recognition by Twitter.

While Twitter retweets the “best” tweets on the platform, it has to do a lot to ensure the safety of individuals from abusive accounts. The micro-blogging site has been riddled with harassment, misinformation, and abusive trolls, where the platform isn’t doing enough to curb these activities.

Recently, the parliamentary committee of women met with Twitter representatives and asked to reduce anonymity on the platform. Another suggestion was to age-restrict the entry of new users on the platform to over the age of 15. In response, Twitter said that it was working with experts and that it is open to suggestions to make the platform better.

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