Turing announced its third phone, this time with 18GB RAM, 3 Snapdragon 830s and a 4K display

18GB RAM, three freshly unreleased Snapdragon 830s,6.4-inch 4K display, 1.2TB storage, 60MP iMAX 6K Quad Rear Camera Triplet Lens at f/1.2, 20MP front camera.

Turing plans to make a device device that will have 18GB RAM, three Snapdragon 830s, 6.4-inch 4K display, 1.2TB storage, 60MP iMAX 6K Quad Rear Camera Triplet Lens at f/1.2, and a 20MP front camera.

It will have 4G VoLTE enabled 4 Nano SIMs, support Parallel Tracking and Mapping API (really?). This entire package will be powered by a 120wh battery which will also use a triple power source. This would be in the form of a supercooled 3,600mAh graphene battery and a pair of 2,600mAh Li-Ion Hydrogen Fuel cells powering your device (and maybe also your home).

This fabled device will connect multiple CPUs via a WiGig interface (What?) through a 60GHz channel via an onboard USB3.0 connection (this doesn't even make sense). The term 'Snapdragon' may already have conveyed it to you that we are not talking about an upcoming laptop or desktop setup. Instead, we are talking about the third Turing Phone that Steve Chao, CEO of TRI (Turing Robotic Industries) outlined in a newsletter.

This announcement comes  days after the announcement of the Turing Monolith Cadenza. There are no words to describe the feeling you get while going through the newsletter. Don't worry, a feeling of utter disbelief when reading the newsletter only indicates that you are quite sane.

In the newsletter, Chao describes how the phone will function using the 'transient matrix' of CPU 1 in its SSD which will be sent to the SSD of CPU 2 for its own 'transient matrix' which will magically result in the CPU sharing the computing power of multiple CPUs parallely.

He seems to be at his convincing best when he adds 'such proprietary technology' that has enabled the company to achieve unparalleled computing power on the mobile devices. He goes ahead to name the entire process as Computational Intelligence (CI)

 Turing announced its third phone, this time with 18GB RAM, 3 Snapdragon 830s and a 4K display

Image Credit: TRI

The CEO informs us that the R&D labs are set in Salo, Finland, only to move on to providing the historic context of the location. He points out that Salo is the same place where Nokia and later Microsoft developed their smartphones.

He dwells a bit deeper while trying to remember what a device between Phone and Tablet form-factor is termed as (Phablet, Mr Chao. It's called a Phablet.). The newsletter includes a very hard to understand spec sheet which is sufficient to peg the smartphone as powerhouse capable to handle anything you throw it and solve global warming without breaking a sweat.

According to the specs sheet, I can host my website, act as a remote cinematographer while shooting 30-40 minutes iMAX videos, edit them and upload, all in glorious 4K (or maybe 6K) with no need for a workstation PC.

Image Credit: TRI

Image Credit: TRI

The device will run Swordfish OS (Not on 3 different OSs), which will run on a "deep learning artificial intelligence" system with a "Running Neural Network (RNN)" to learn about your lives. It will understand you using Natural Language Processing, predict and anticipate your pattern and teach you to live a better life.

The Swordfish OS does not come bundled with Huge Jackman on Turing's third smartphone.

The new device has been dubbed as 'Monolith Chaconne' and comes with something that gives strong throwback vibes (a slide out keyboard) and A.L.A.N, a mystery left for another newsletter. The company expects to release the device in 2018 (Hopefully!) and I am sure that by the time the device is launched, Snapdragon 840 will be all the rage, making the three Snapdragon 830s outdated bloat. This device will come right after the launch of Monolith Cadenza in 2017.

Going through the newsletter, it does seem that Chao did put quite a bit of 'thought' in what he is trying to make us understand, starting with Steve Jobs and moving on to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, to explain the idea of "Monolith."

After talking about the inspiration for the philosophy of the company, including all the ideas that are possible and what TRI will be working on in the coming years, Chao gives us a peek in the R&D labs. He welcomes everyone to TRI Finland, urging everyone with ideas to  apply to work in the company, as reported by Android Police.

As fantastical as the idea may seem, we'd really love to see such a phone become a reality.

Image Credit: TRI

Image Credit: TRI

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