TouchCopy 12 back-up and restore software for iOS devices launched

Wide Angle Software has recently announced the new TouchCopy 12. The developer touts this as the essential back-up, protection, and recovery software for

Wide Angle Software has recently announced the new TouchCopy 12. The developer touts this as the essential back-up, protection and recovery software for iPods, iPhones and iPads. The company claims that TouchCopy keeps a smartphone, iPod and tablet data safe from loss and damage by backing up and protecting your investment in music, video, books, photos, contacts and more. 

TouchCopy transfers data from your iOS device to a Mac or PC for safe-keeping. The new TouchCopy 12 works with all iOS 6 and earlier devices and this includes the iPhones, iPods and all iPad models—including the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It is also fully compatible with the newly released iTunes 11 and Windows 8.

Back-up and restore software for PC and Mac

Back-up and restore software for PC and Mac


Commenting on the benefits of TouchCopy 12, Wide Angle Software states that personal data is more valuable than your smartphone or tablet itself, and it’s harder to replace when lost.  TouchCopy makes it easy to back-up an entire iPhone, iPod and iPad to a computer hard drive, external drive or iTunes software. It backs up all music, music ratings, album art, playlists, play counts, videos, photos, books, apps, games, phone messages, phone contacts, SMS text messages, calendars and notes. In addition to using TouchCopy for back-up, it also can be used to load music, videos etc. into iTunes when one buys a new computer or reinstalls their operating system. TouchCopy also helps in preventing iTunes from attempting to format the device and stops syncing while it’s running. The program will not create duplicates of the songs that are already in the iTunes library.  
“TouchCopy protects you from devastating data loss that can happen if you suffer a hard disk failure, replace your computer without making a backup, or have any kind of data corruption, for example during an iTunes update. The program can quickly retrieve all your iTunes files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad and restore your iTunes library.   TouchCopy also makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones for the holidays,” said Maya Benson, Team Leader at Wide Angle Software.
Here is a quick look at some of the highlighted features of TouchCopy:


  • Ability to transfer music, playlists, videos, photos and other media from an iPhone, iPod and iPad to your computer easily  
  • Backs up entire iPhone, iPod and iPad to your PC or Mac hard drive, external hard drive or iTunes
  • Now available in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English, German, French and Japanese
  • New version 12 of TouchCopy also offers full iTunes 11 and Windows 8 compatibility
  • Backs up Call Logs – viewing and copying
  • Backs up Browsing history – reading and copying
  • Speed improvements in display and copying of photos, apps and music
  • Full iOS 6 compatibility for SMS and iMessages

Transfers all iPhone, iPod and iPad content, including:

  • Music and Videos
  • Apps and Games
  • Messages
  • Books
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • File Manager
  • SMS
  • Bookmarks

From December 6 to 20, 2012, TouchCopy is available at an introductory discount of 40 percent off for $20.99 (normally priced at $34.99). Use promo code:  PR41F4CEA8D at checkout here.   

TouchCopy comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free customer support and is also available for download as a free trial.  It works with all iPhones, iPods and iPads and is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.  The purchase of the software license allows users unlimited use of the software, with free upgrades for life.


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