Top news this week: iOS7 unveiled, Xbox One, PS4 priced, Kindle Fire HD in India and more.

The past week has been quite busy for the tech world with several product announcements and launches. Here' s a recap of what happened in the tech arena over the past week...

The past week has been quite busy for the tech world with several product announcements and launches. Here' s a recap of what happened in the tech arena over the past week:


Micromax Canvas 4 to be priced between 23,000 and 25,000
The Micromax Canvas 4 should be up for pre-order from June 28. Directly positioned against the Galaxy S3, the Canvas 4 is definitely a step up from Micromax’s standard line-up in terms of design. The company has released two teaser trailers which gives you a blink-and-miss look at the new smartphone from every angle. We also got a quick look at the 13-megapixel sensor and the LED flash on the back. While other details are still sketchy, the Canvas 4 still looks like a smartphone to look out for.


Facebook, Microsoft release surveillance information
After an agreement with the US government, several Internet companies including Microsoft and Facebook, will be giving out a limited amount of information about the number of the surveillance requests they've received. The companies can now release the number of government requests they receive, but not reveal the exact number that comes from the National Security Agency program.

Mumbai Police's latest headache: ATM skimming explained
Cybercrime has many methods, but the aim remains the same, to rob you of your confidential data and belongings. Even as Mumbai cops struggle with 37 cases of bank accounts being compromised due to ATM skimming, it is important for users to arm themselves with the knowledge of what ATM skimming actually is, and how to recognise the methods used.


Top news this week: iOS7 unveiled, Xbox One, PS4 priced, Kindle Fire HD in India and more.

Lava launches quad-core Iris 504Q....



Lava launches quad-core Iris 504Q smartphone for Rs 13,499
Lava has joined the foray of quad-core smartphones with the Iris 504Q, which will hit stores with a price tag of Rs 13,499. The smartphone will take on the likes of Micromax Canvas HD and XOLO Q1000 with a MediaTek quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. And that is just the tip on the iceberg of what the Iris 504Q has to offer. 

With iWatch on the horizon, Apple deepens Bluetooth integration in iOS and OS X
While the iOS redesign and the OS X Mavericks launch may have taken much of the limelight at the WWDC, the company’s new implementation of Bluetooth in its software will now have the iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks natively support the latest version of the Human Interface Device (HID) profile for Bluetooth Smart. All this extends greatly to the iWatch, in order to give seamless integration for sports and fitness apps with regards to alerts and achievements, notifications for their voice and text communications, and the ability to control music and video playback


Amazon Kindle Fire HD to be available in India from June 27
Amazon has now announced that Kindle Fire HD tablets will be available in India. According to the company’s India website, both the 8.9-inch version and the 7-inch version of the tablet will be available on from June 27. While the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 will sport a price tag of Rs 21,999, the 7-incher will come in at Rs 15,999. With full HD displays, a laminated touch sensor and powerful dual-core processors Kindle is looking every seriously at the Indian e-book reader.

The Mega 6.3 is now up for pre-order

The Mega 6.3 is now up for pre-order


Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 now up for pre-order online for Rs 30,990
The Galaxy Mega 6.3, Samsung’s oversized phablet, has made an appearance on Flipkart, where it is available for pre-order from the fifth week of June and set you back by Rs 30,990. Featuring a massive 6.3-inch display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, dual-core processor and an 8 megapixel camera, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 definitely lives up to its “mega” status. 

Rumours about 41MP Lumia could come true
Nokia may be looking at making the 41 MP Lumia smartphone dream a reality. According to an image that was tweeted with the words “Zoom Reinvented”, it looks like Nokia is pretty serious about launching this kind of a phone. Following up from reports that suggested a possibility of Nokia working on a 41MP Lumia smartphone, it was suggested that the Finnish mobile company could be working on a technology to develop a camera that could deliver high clarity picture using its “PureView” technology.

New MacBook Air coming soon to India; older one gets a price cut
There can never be enough good news in the world. Following the WWDC announcement that the new Macbook Air will be out in the markets soon, the company has slashed the prices of the existing models with the 11-inch variant now sporting a Rs 61,900 price tag, while the 13-inch variant will now be available for Rs 69,900, until stocks last.

Samsung is all set to launch its next offering in the Galaxy Camera series, the Galaxy NX

Samsung is all set to launch its next offering in the Galaxy Camera series, the Galaxy NX



Promo shots of Samsung's Android-based professional camera Galaxy NX leaked
Following up to earlier reports that has Samsung confirmed the presence of an Android-powered mirrorless camera, some promotional shots of the professional looking device were found online that showed interchangeable lenses, a proper viewfinder as well as mobile connectivity options. This should definitely be good news for the professional camera enthusiasts out there. 

Facebook to bring the curtain down on sponsored results
Earlier this month Facebook was seen announcing its intentions of eliminating various forms of advertising to streamline the system. Now the social networking giant has announced that it is killing off sponsored results from search, starting from July. 

Popularity of multiplayer justifies Xbox One's always online requirement: Microsoft
In a new attempt to justify the always-online requirement for Xbox One, Microsoft stated that always-online requirement is okay because of the popularity of multiplayer gaming. While addressing this complaint, the company said that the requirement wasn’t a concern because online gaming is very prominent as most gamers play online with their friends rather than playing in single player mode.


Slicker, sleeker, slimmer, lighter

Apple considering bigger, cheaper and colourful iPhones...




Apple considering launching bigger, cheaper and colourful iPhones
Taking a leaf out of rival’s Samsung and Nokia’s books, Apple may be letting go of its premium tag with talks being made about launching iPhones with larger displays and cheaper model that could be available in different colours. With atleast two iPhones being considered for next year with larger displays, a 4.7-inch one and a 5.7-inch display, priced at a possible $99 (Rs 5703 approx), this could be the answer that many iPhone aspirants have been waiting for.


WhatsApp processes 27 billion messages in one day
WhatsApp made an announcement on Twitter that it processed an incredible 27 billion messages in one day, which is a record for the most messages processed on a company level. While breaking the figure down, WhatsApp wrote that it processed 10 billion inbound and 17 billion outbound messages in just 24 hours. The mind-boggling number is even more incredible, because there seems to be no major event that could have caused such a volume to be sent out or received. 

The complete Xbox One package

The Xbox One  may come to India as late as 2014...


Xbox One India release delayed till 2014
Indian Gamers might have to wait a year longer to get their hands on Microsoft’s much-hyped next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, which may be available only in late 2014. According to the company this move was made to ensure better user experience by integrating support for local languages and other local features.  



Nokia to stop shipping Symbian smartphones
Nokia is now looking to discontinue its once popular Symbian OS, and shift focus on the Windows Phone. After the Symbian OS made the news showing a steady decline after the emergence of Android and iOS phones in the market, it now seems like Finnish giant will soon stop shipping smartphones running its Symbian OS.

Last ‘stop’ for telegrams as BSNL ends 160-year-old service
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to discontinue the 160-year-old service of telegrams in India. According to the circular issued by the company, the service will no longer be available after July 15. As a result, all telegraph offices under the aegis of BSNL will have to stop booking what was once the cutting edge of quick, long distance communication from that date.

Now Bing powered

Now Bing powered


Apple ditches Google; partners with Bing for Siri search
Following Apple’s slow but steady divorce from Google, it has now been announced that search engine Bing has replaced Google Search as the brain behind Siri in iOS 7. Besides a brand new look, sound and capabilities, Siri is getting a brand new search engine too. The change of heart was announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference as well as by Microsoft on a Bing blog. When iOS 7 starts to roll out this fall, Siri will pull up data from Bing for your questions instead of Google Search.

Book your train ticket with an SMS from July
The Indian Railways is all set to introduce ticket bookings via SMS or a menu-based dialling service from July 1. A dedicated number for ticket-booking should be announced soon by IRCTC. Users can now show the mticket SMS alert that they receive on their phone and negate the need for a printout of the ticket.



Inspired OS: How Apple borrowed from rivals to give iOS 7 a new look
While the new iOS has gone miles ahead in terms of how it looks, it is obvious that Apple has taken some inspiration from the other OS’s out there. That is not necessarily a bad thing though, as it looks like Apple has finally got a modern OS that not only has a great selection of apps and games, not only works smoothly on your iDevices, and can take on the Android and Windows Phone.


All you need to know about Apple's iOS 7...


All you need to know about Apple's iOS 7
We all knew it was coming, and the question on everyone's mind was: What will Apple bring to the table with iOS7? Apple has surprised everyone by giving its next iOS iteration the biggest facelift that we've seen. Apple has also added umpteen new changes and features to woo the loyal Apple fan following.

All you need to know about Sony's PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4 was unveiled with great fanfare at an event back in February, and now that Sony has finally given us a closer look at the console at its pre-E3 press conference, we have the maximum information about the console that we'll get without actually buying and using it.

All you need to know about Microsoft's Xbox One
The Xbox One was unveiled back in May, and while Microsoft may have shown off some great new hardware, much of the event was deemed unimpressive because of the company's focus on the TV features of the console. Now that the Redmond-based company has finally shown off the gaming side of its console, we think now would be a great time to take an in-depth look at it.


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