Tinder drops broad hints on what it takes to get more matches on the platform

Tinder takes into consideration that both parties swiped right to form a match.

Tinder's match-making algorithm has always been a bit of a mystery and people constantly try to fool it into getting them more matches. The other question that keeps running on people's minds, as per the company, is whether there is something called an "Elo Score?”

So to set the record straight, Tinder through a blog post published some of the secrets to how it plays cupid. Understandably, it hasn't revealed all aspects of its super-secret algorithm.


Tinder has bid adieu to Elo score which was apparently a "hot topic" a few years ago.

Tinder has bid adieu to Elo score, which was apparently a "hot topic" a few years ago, as per the blog post. Tinder claims that it uses an algorithm which is based on (no prizes for guessing) "using the app". So basically, one can improve their chances of getting matched on the app if they are more active on the app. *Mind=Blown*

The company states that it doesn't "want to waste your (users) time" by showing them profiles which are inactive.

But why is Elo score old news at Tinder? The Elo score would enable Tinder to rank people according to their attractiveness. So when more people swiped right (liked) a particular person's profile, their assigned scores went up. These scores were then tied with other people who had a similar score. Thus keeping a bunch of so-called "attractive (desirable)" people interacting with one another and leaving the undesirable people in the low ranking category. And y'all thought that high school was over!


Though Elo score is no more in Tinder's life, the company states that it still takes into consideration the fact that both parties swiped right to form a match. " Our current system adjusts the potential matches you see each and every time your profile is Liked or Noped, and any changes to the order of your potential matches are reflected within 24 hours or so."

Tinder also keeps track of an individual's age, current location and gender preferences. It doesn't offer preferences based on compatibility score, religion, ethnicity, height. It says, " We don’t care (or store) whether you’re black, white, magenta or blue. Our algorithm doesn’t know if you make $10 or $10 million a year... Our algorithm is designed to be open and we love our results."


Proximity is one of the key factors for match-making, the company says, " We want you chatting and meeting IRL." That's why the company looks at people's distance from one another.

As per The Verge, Tinder, through its vague explanation on how its algorithm might be working, seems to be relying on the algorithm that the app Hinge uses.

As Tinder appears to syphon relatively few details in comparison to other dating apps, matches can be seen to be largely based on what picture the individual might have put up, leading back to attractiveness as a key factor in getting matches.

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