This camel chugging down a whole can of beer is the internet’s new party icon

This camel helping himself to a can of beer will definitely ease your Monday-morning blues.

Who’s the real party animal? This fantastic little camel!!!

If you are active on social media, it’s quite unlikely that you haven’t come across this video of a camel from Australia chugging down a can of beer. He is the new party icon of the internet, and some are also calling him their spirit animal!

In the viral video, said camel very casually walks up to a man drinking beer, and then the camel sort of asks for a swig of his beer.

As the man offers him his can, the camel quickly grabs the beer can in his mouth and empties its contents in one looong gulp. And don’t miss that little chuckle at the end!

This post was first shared by an Instagram user, who goes by the handle @browncardigan. The video was posted on 22 July, and at the time of writing, it has close to 120,000 views.


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