The Kyocera Katsura, Gaming Tablet

Blurry images of what could be called the Kyocera Katsura emerge.

Hot on the heels of Sir Howard Stringer saying yesterday that the Sony tablet could be incoming this American summer comes news that Kyocera could be working on a gaming tablet called the “Katsura”. A bunch of extremely blurry pictures have been leaked, courtesy of Android Community.

The Kyocera Katsura, Gaming Tablet

Katsura da!



The device seems to a rubbery matte finish at the back, as well as some funky designs on it. There are no pictures of the front yet, so no one knows if there are any physical buttons of any sort present on the device.

Either way, if Sony are planning to launch a gaming tablet of their own, it seems a bit far-fetched that they would PlayStation Certify a competitor’s tablet. Look at the Xperia Play for example. It has PlayStation Suite exclusivity for now, and it will be extended to other devices only later in the year.

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