The Genius MaxFighter F17 Makes an Entry

Inspan launches the Plug and Play USB Joystick for Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

Inspan today announced the launch of the MaxFighter F17, a USB Plug and Play Joystick, from Genius’ stable. It’s a joystick aimed at Flight Simulator enthusiasts, as you probably already figured out from the name, and has a few features to augment that.

The Genius MaxFighter F17 Makes an Entry

Not the F17 Thunder, unfortunately.


Check out the features of the MaxFighter F17:

  • USB Plug and Play, no drivers required
  • Throttle
  • Four buttons
  • Four function buttons including a trigger and a throttle control
  • Turbo button for rapid firing a particular button
  • Easy to use with either hand

"A complete feature rich USB joystick to fulfill the needs of the gaming lovers, this joystick is an ideal one for all the flight games." said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech.

The Genius MaxFighter F17 comes with a 1 year warranty and is priced at Rs. 725.


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