The future sounds super with the next-gen CDLA

The battle for smartphone dominance has now come a long way. From price points, to hardware specs, consumers are now gradually focusing towards specialized experiences like the ability to shoot photos and more recently, quality music playback. And this has been instrumental in shaping one of the most recent trends in the smartphones industry – replacement of the 3.5mm headphone jack with what is known as CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) standard Type-C interface for a revolutionary music experience. CDLA is LeEco’s proprietary technology, a testimony to the company’s history of setting new trends and pioneering cutting-edge technology across the globe.

The future sounds super with the next-gen CDLA

Until now, to differentiate themselves in a cluttered and fiercely competitive market, smartphone manufacturers have focused on clearly distinguishing their product based on its specifications such as storage, camera quality, display etc. However, with the ever evolving consumer demands and data consumption patterns, it is imperative that smartphone manufacturers change their strategies and offerings.  Data consumption is on a constant upswing, making content the undisputable king. What is interesting to note is that there is a revolution underway in the manner in which this content is delivered and consumed. Therefore, the experience of not only how content is viewed but also heard on a smartphone, becomes critical and an area that most smartphone manufacturers have not shifted their focus on.

The second generation of Superphones by LeEco feature audio USB Type-C port that can be used for data transferring or charging the phone. The CDLA standard definitely raises the bar for audio quality and will reshape consumer experience by giving them a comprehensive audio experience on their smartphones. Given the company’s tradition of launch events, it can be expected that the upcoming event on June 8th will be a curtain raiser to this futuristic technology in the audio space. The theme of the event, “2Future”, is also suggestive of the leap LeEco will take into the future of technology.

Since the last few decades, the music industry has not seen any innovation in the headset technology and the new CDLA standard is all set to change that. CDLA is the next generation of audio technology that will enable users to experience pure digital lossless audio, by reducing signals susceptible to interference caused by unstable sound experience. This will also put an end to the isolation due to poor transport medium and chaotic sound field and greatly reduces the cost for the user to enjoy high quality music.

While noise cancelling headphones have been around for a while now but they are not very user friendly given their size and heavy weight. Additionally, they are not very effective in noisy places.

The CDLA audio standard is a new digital lossless audio standard to solve the fundamental problem of analog sound transmission.

The new CDLA music standard is all set to redefine audio experience in smartphones with its breakthrough technology, intelligence and an ecological revolution.

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