Ten Awesome Things You Must Do in Just Cause 2

Own a copy of Just Cause 2? Try some of these whacky things out.

Just Cause 2 may not be the best game on the planet but it certainly is a lot of fun. Thanks to the game’s over the top nature there’s tons of crazy stuff to do throughout the island of Panau. I can’t say I’ve explored the island a 100% but here’s a list of stuff I feel everyone that has the game should try out at least once (if you haven’t already that is.).

Also feel free to share some of your crazy experiences in the comments section below.

Tether an enemy to a Jet

Ten Awesome Things You Must Do in Just Cause 2

Thanks to your grappling hook you can pretty much tether any two objects in the game world but one of the most satisfying tethers is to attach a helpless solider to a jet and then take off with him attached to the jet. Watching him flailing his hands and screaming thousands of feet above the ground is totally hilarious in a sadistic sort of way.

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