Telegram X is an improved version of the original app with new experimental features

Messaging app Telegram is planning to introduce its alternative official client with experimental features called as Telegram X. This alternative client called as Challegram popped some time back and was later acquired by Telegram.

Telegram X.

Telegram X.

Telegram X has all the regular features of Telegram and some other additional experimental quirks, according to a report by Android Police. For once, Telegram X seems to reportedly run and faster and smoother than the original Telegram app.

There is the feature to long-press on conversations to get a pop-up preview and the app also has a night mode. The size of the text can be customised. All though nothing can be said at this early juncture, but Telegram X could one day become the main app.

Telegram X is available for download on the Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. You can use the login details of your original Telegram app to sign up for Telegram X.


Credits: Android Police

Recently, Iran lifted restrictions on Telegram, after blocking the popular service as security forces sought to contain the most widespread public protests in the country since 2009. Telegram, with 40 million users in Iran, in late December shut down a channel that Tehran had accused of encouraging violence. But it declined to block other channels, prompting Iranian authorities to block access to the app.

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Updated Date: Jan 23, 2018 08:55 AM