Telegram introduces new animated stickers that tone down the battery consumption

Telegram's new animated stickers are specially designed to consume less data and battery.

Adding a visual to a conversation makes it more engaging and fun. We have seen a lot of interesting things like stickers, GIFs, emojis and so on. Now the messaging app Telegram has announced animated stickers so that the users can have more fun playing around with new elements instead of just using old ways to chat.

According to the company's blog post, these stickers are designed specially so that data consumption is reduced to its minimum. These stickers will barely take upto 20-30 KB of space in your device. The new version 5.9 will bring this new feature of adding animated stickers to the chats. As per the company, the format of these stickers is based on Lottie .TSG format and they play at 60 fps.  The company claims that these stickers consume less battery than GIFs.

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Telegram introduces new animated stickers that tone down the battery consumption

Image: Telegram

WhatsApp is one of the major players if we talk about the competition of Telegram but let's be honest, the Facebook-owned messaging app, has far many users than Telegram. But one thing we also cannot deny the fact that when it comes stickers, Telegram has an upper hand. These newly introduced stickers will be used in a similar manner as the previous stickers. You just have to click on the icon of stickers while typing and choose for a sticker from the list. Users will also be able to search for the desired sticker the same way as GIFs and old stickers.


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