Telegram and Telegram X iOS apps restored to App Store after several hours

Update: Telegram and Telegram X have been restored to the App Store. In a statement, Telegram confirmed that the apps were pulled down following reports of inappropriate content being shared on the platform.

Telegram users have not been able to view both the messaging apps, Telegram and Telegram X on the App Store.

Telegram X.

Telegram X.

On 31 January, Telegram had announced Telegram X on Google Play Store. It also said that though Telegram X is an experimental feature, it is not certain whether Telegram X would replace Telegram. However, now it is also not certain whether the old Telegram would be available on App Store, even if Telegram X is not.

Initially Telegram X and Telegram, both were available on App Store. The reason for the shift of being available only on Android is not known.

The new Telegram X provides features like easy preview where the user can view the content without actually opening the Telegram chat.

The new app also lets users swipe between Chats and Calls. Apart from that it also brings the dark mode like Twitter.

Other features include long-press on conversations to get a pop-up preview, the size of the text can now finally be customised, and it reportedly, runs faster and smoother.

Updated Date: Feb 01, 2018 22:19 PM