Tech2 Poll Outcome: Will You Switch Over to Google+?

Social networking services are a great way to communicate with family and friends. This was introduced to the world several years ago. Orkut was one of the first ones to bring the concept to India. Facebook soon took over the role and today, it’s by far the most popular social networking service around. Google’s second attempt at social networking is a service called Google+. It brings a whole bunch of new features as we’ve mentioned in one of our earlier feature articles. There’s also news that Google+ is quickly gaining in popularly and as per last records, the number of new users has crossed the 10 million user mark. 


Even though it might have received great response internationally, it doesn’t really answer the question whether Google+ is getting popular in India. We’ve seen this in the past as well. Services such as Orkut were extremely popular in India and Brazil but not so much in most parts of the world. Facebook in the beginning wasn’t very popular in India either. Switching between social networking services is easier said than done. We wanted to know whether Tech2 readers were willing to switch over to Google+, so we put up one of our opinion polls to find out.

Tech2 Poll Outcome: Will You Switch Over to Google+?

Poll results - Will You Switch Over to Google+?



This is the data we collected. The majority of users will start using Google+. It’s almost sure that a lot of people will make that move because they tend to prefer Google services to others. This says a lot about Google’s reputation and image in the minds of most users. Some 19.1 per cent users felt they would like to use it but they can't, just because invites weren’t available easily. The same number of people also wanted to see Google+ in action before they moved to it. In comparison, just 12.2 said they wanted to continue using Facebook. Another 12 per cent of the users didn’t really feel the need for social networking.


The information gathered is very interesting. It’s clear that the biggest majority of users like using social networking services. Almost half of these users will definitely use Google+ sometime in the future, whereas a fourth of the total users want to see if it’s good. It’s only the smaller fraction of the voters (roughly 31.3 per cent) who will not move to Google+. One of the reasons why people normally hesitate to switch between social networking sites is the fact that their friends and contacts are usually on one service. That’s the reason Orkut was so successful at the start. Facebook along with its more interactive apps drew the crowds to its service. Google+ has the ability to do that with features such as Huddle and Hangout. As of now, when access to the service is restricted, there is big interest in the service. With Google adding more features and fixes to the service, it's yet to be seen if Google+ is a success or not.


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