Surprise! The Windpad 100A is a Tegra 2 - Honeycomb Tablet

MSI brings in the unexpected.

When we told you about MSI showing off their tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, we didn’t have much information about any of them. The Windpad 100W, the Windows 7-based tablet, came out soon thereafter, as did information about the device. The Windpad 100A is now treading the same path, but MSI have made it a tad more interesting by dropping some unexpectedly juicy tidbits about the tablet.

Surprise! The Windpad 100A is a Tegra 2 - Honeycomb Tablet




The Windpad 100A that is being shown off at CeBIT 2011, which is happening in Hannover, Germany, is surprisingly a Tegra 2-powered tablet. While the slew of other tablets and smartphones powered by NVIDIA’s processor all generated quite some hype much before launch, this one just slipped under the radar. MSI claim the tablet will run Android Honeycomb, Google’s tablet-optimized Operating System. The prototype shown off at the event was running Android 2.2 Froyo, however.

MSI also showed off the Windpad 110W, another Windows tablet, but this one runs on AMD’s Brazos platform, powered by the C-50 Fusion APU. Both tablets feature 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreens and are expected to come around around the middle of 2011, priced at around 399 Euro (Rs. 25,000) for the 100A and 499 Euro (Rs. 31,000) for the 110W.

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