Sundar Pichai Founder Letter : Google's future is in contextual awareness, machine learning

Google's first founder's letter by CEO Sundar Pichai gives an overview of where Google products and services are headed.

Every year Sergey Brin and Larry Page write a letter to their stakeholders, giving an overview of the company and where it is headed. This year, post the re-organisation that made Sundar Pichai CEO of Google and Alphabet became the parent company, the founder's letter was written by Pichai.

The letter has some clues to where Google services are headed. Search is going to get more contextual awareness, personal demographic factors, location characteristics and environmental variables will all start changing search results. Search will not just get more personal, but also consider the time and activity. Google also wants to have seamless integration across all of its services, so that users can easily move from one to the other. More services will be powered by neural networks and machine learning. AI implementation in Google Services means that the experience for the users will keep getting better with use.

Content was another point of focus. This ranged from games on the Play Store to videos on YouTube. YouTube has some plans to go more social, and bring about new ways for fans and channel or show creators to interact with each other. Streamlining the content delivery, especially to mobile phones is a priority as well. In the future, Google sees devices becoming invisible, and being replaced by an AI service.



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