Springpad Brings New Features to Its iOS, Android and Web Apps

Springpad, an application that lets you organize contacts, memos and lists, has some new features to offer.

While we already have in-built organizers in most of our mobile phones, they are quite restrictive in terms of integrating various information that we gather. This looks to be just the app for such situations, at least going by the looks of it.

Springpad Brings New Features to Its iOS, Android and Web Apps

You an organizer?



Springpad is an app based on various platforms like the iPhone, Android and web that lets users create notes, look them up or even share them on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The application has new features for its iPhone and web versions.

The iPhone app now lets you create voice memos, rearrange netbooks and post updates on Facebook and Twitter. Other bug fixes and improvements include:

  • Fix keyboard position when in landscape mode
  • Improved sync stability for users who have imported Delicious bookmarks
  • Change default tag entry on Notes to be lowercase
  • Properly display unicode, carriage returns and other special characters in attached notes
  • Remove orphan tags from Filter

For the web app there are custom background images, advanced filters and custom saved filters which helps you search for your stuff quickly. There’s also a Trash feature where you can dispose off notes, tags and checklists.

The Springpad Chrome extension has Quick Add and Look It Up, which lets you save notes or tasks without going to the web app. There’s also Notebook support that lets you save your notes in various notebooks or categories. The last feature is the Unicode support, which lets you to access the app in different languages.

So if all the above excites you in anyway or if you’re genuinely searching for an app to organize various stuff, check it out here.