Sony Now Encourages Third-Party PS3 Games!

Sony is pleading with third-party developers to continue making games for the PS3.

How the mighty have fallen. The once-arrogant Sony is now apparently begging third-party developers not to ditch their console in favor of other more lucrative ones.

Sony Now Encourages Third-Party PS3 Games!

Here’s the dope from The Mercury News Blog:

One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform. That change in attitude is a marked difference compared to the arrogance of past years. The argument is that the PS 3 will show its strength as developers learn how to make games for it. But developers know they can staff four or five Wii teams with the same number of people it takes to make one PS 3 game. We may have a glut of Wii games soon, but that’s not as bad as not having enough games on the PS3.

Even if this information is to be taken with a pinch of salt, there’s no denying the fact that PS3's line-up this holiday season isn't all that hot.