Some Facebook Group apps are resurfacing after they were locked down

These Group apps are accessible to admins through a new in-Facebook Groups apps browser.

In a bid to protect its users (and itself) from any more data breach, amid the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal and the quiz app leak, Facebook introduced changes to its APIs where some were APIs were locked down and restrictions were added to others.

The change in API included lockdown of Groups API for building apps for Groups. These apps had to go through a mandatory review process, the apps lost access to Group member lists, and the names and profile pictures of people who had posted on them. And now, post lockdown, according to a report in TechCrunch, these approved Groups apps are reemerging on Facebook. They are accessible to admins through a new in-Facebook Groups app browser, which gives the platform control over discoverability.

Facebook confirmed this to the publication in a statement, “What you’re seeing today is related to changes we announced in April, that require developers to go through an updated app review process in order to use the Groups API. As part of this, some developers who have gone through the review process are now able to access the Groups API.”

Famous tipster Matt Navarra also spotted the new Groups apps option. Up till now, admins had to find Group management tools outside of Facebook and then use their logged-in Facebook account to give the app permissions to access their Group’s data.

Which is why, Facebook recently began testing subscription Groups, which let admins charge a monthly fee. With the right set of approved partners, the platform offers Group admins capabilities that are usually reserved for big brands and businesses, that pay for enterprise tools to manage their online presence.