Social media reacts to the Microsoft-LinkedIn buyout

Social media reactions to Microsoft suddenly buying LinkedIn.

There was a lot happening last night, with E3 conferences and the WWDC. Microsoft came up with a sudden move that took everyone by surprise. An audience waiting for the WWDC at LinkedIn HQ cancelled the streaming as soon as they learnt of the buyout. Here are some social media reactions to the takeover.

In fact, some technology reporters saw this as a strategic move from Microsoft to steal away some of Apple's WWDC thunder.

Others were of the opinion that it was still a killer strategic move, but on a more personal level.

The clippy jokes popped up too, the fallout of people wondering what LinkedIn would plug into from Microsoft's lineup of products.

As some noticed though, there were not nearly enough of these kinds of jokes in the Windows 10 era. Things would have been very different if we still had Windows XP or Windows Vista around.

Some found it Ironic

Others found it meta

This is probably doctored, and did not really happen. Hopefully.

And there were the number crunchers, who put all those big numbers into perspective.

We really want to know what the deal would be worth in Twitters. Meanwhile, Bloomberg asked the question on all our minds.

There were some who experienced some serious problems with talking on LinkedIn about LinkedIn

Which led to some words of wisdom

Meanwhile in India...


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