Snapchat is planning to introduce unskippable six-second ads in its app

Multimedia messaging platform Snapchat is planning to add a new feature to its app in coming weeks.

Snapchat has lesser daily active users than Instagram. Reuters.

Snapchat has lesser daily active users than Instagram. Reuters.

Though this new addition may not be welcome to most users as the company is planning to introduce six-second ads in the app — which you cannot skip. What is likely to be more infuriating is that users will have to watch them without any respite.

According to a report by Digiday, the company is testing to add these unskippable ads in their TV-like shows. The company confirmed that it is testing this new ad format appropriately called as ‘Commercials’. The redeeming part about these new 'Commercials' is that they run in selected Snapchat Shows and will not run in Discovery section or the personal stories section. The test is likely to start from 15 May. This comes after Snapchat brought back the chronological order.

This will make Snapchat shows move like the shows that air on television channels with regular ad intervals.

Snapchat is aware that its users will just have to get used to the ads in the app. As pointed by the report, it is likely that adding unskippable ads in the Snapchat app is Snap’s attempt to make the platform profitable.

Updated Date: Apr 26, 2018 13:35 PM