Smartphone users check their phones an average of 150 times a day

According to new data revealed in the Meeker report, most smartphone users now check their phones a reported150 times a day....

The smartphone culture has seen a great deal of growth in the last few years. According to new data revealed in the Meeker report, most smartphone users now check their phones 150 times a day.

With many online platforms now having mobile versions, which can support every operating systems, all a user needs to do is go to Google Play or the Apple App store to download and use everything from Facebook, Twitter for their social media needs, or use YouTube to quickly stream and watch videos. Other apps allow you to check into hotels, books movies, flights, train tickets and so on. With global smartphone sales hitting the 219 million mark, it stands to reason that more and more developers are looking at the mobile operating system to get the users attention.


Smartphone usage is increasing day by day..


Thus, the idea of smartphone users checking their phones 150 times in a day does not seem like such a far-fetched affair. In a day, according to the data, a user will check his phone 23 times for messaging, either receiving or sending, 22 times for checking voice calls, nine times for social media and six times for News alerts. All these are obviously general estimates, with individual users showing greater or lesser usage of various features depending on time or circumstances. Other features that users look to their smarphones for include music (13 times), gaming (12 times), accessing the Internet (3 times) and to check the time (18 times). Smartphones are also sporting better and better picture and video technology – as the cameras get better, so will the usage. 

All the data points out that user’s are beginning to rely more and more on their smartphones as the days go by. The question now is: what is the next step? With wearable technology like the Google Glass and the iWatch being launched into the market, it seems like the market is primed for such launches.

Google Glass, as a technological medium, is perfectly placed to be able to let uses access their messages, make calls and access their social media accounts easily, and more importantly, with much more scope for personalisation. An additional factor that needs to be considered is the advances that arte being made in the Internet speeds that are being offered to users. With better data plans and more bandwidth being released day by day, it can be said that the scope for smartphones and for wearable technology is limitless. As the amount of web usage also goes up, with users accessing social media, multimedia streaming sites and searches over the Internet more and more, the time a user will spend on their smartphones should increase greatly. And with people still wanting to keep connected with each other over text, call and through social media, the Google Glass and the iWatch will definitely have enough and more users to keep busy.      

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