Slideshow: Cars we'd like to see on Top Gear's India special

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has announced that this year's Christmas special will be in shot in India. Here's our list of top five India cars we'd like to see them test-drive on Indian roads.

This is not just another boring car show where they test-drive one car after another and give you technical specifications you can get just about anywhere. It's a show with loads of stinging humour and it's not pretty all the time. It's presenters have worn hijabs and offended Muslims; they don't think twice about making racist jokes around Mexicans, Malaysians and just about everyone in the world.One of its masked characters, the Stig - an anonymous racer - has appeared as baby Jesus and offended Christians. In short, the show has offended almost everyone at some point of time.

Yes it's Top Gear we're talking about, and host Jeremy Clarkson has announced that this year's Christmas special will be shot in India; the trio of James May, Richard Hammond and Clarkson are coming to India. We'd better prepare ourselves for cracks at our driving skills, roads, and of course our cars. Just a reminder - Clarkson has called our roads a "war zone".

Slideshow: Cars wed like to see on Top Gears India special

Ambassador. Reuters.

Here's a list of top five cars in India that we're hoping they'll drive and mock on the show:

1.Tata Nano: This so-called one lakh car wonder keeps going up in flames both literally and figuratively. Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson, driving the gold-plated Nano, might do some wonders for its makers, though we seriously doubt they'd have anything nice to say about it.

2. Maruti 800: Ah, the good old Indian family car, before the launch of Hondas and Volkswagens. We don't suppose the 6 feet, 5 inch host of Top Gearwould fancy our precious little Maruti too much.

3. Ambassador: Yes most Indian families don't use Ambassadors anymore but our government still does. What will Top Gear's host have to say about this trusted Indian vehicle which has survived "the war zone" for so long?

4. Premier Padmini: The Padmini or the Fiat is a car that's still used in India. A larger number of Mumbai taxis are Padminis. Driving them might not be the most pleasant experience for Top Gear's host.

5. Maruti Omni: Remember going to school boxed-in in that ugly Omni with no space to breathe. The Omni is still pretty popular in India. We're wondering if Clarkson and co. can decode the reasons for its continuing popularity.

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