Six reasons why you don't need the Apple iPod in your life, again

Amidst all the hype regarding the next iteration of the iPhone - purported iPhone 6S and the overwhelming response from fans regarding Apple's venture into the music streaming service with Apple Music, the company made a rather, low key announcement of the Apple iPod – the product which was assumed almost dead for many years now.

Amidst all the hype regarding the next iteration of the iPhone - purported iPhone 6S and the overwhelming response from fans regarding Apple's venture into the music streaming service with Apple Music, the company made a rather, low key announcement of the Apple iPod – the product which was assumed almost dead for many years now. Apple has stated that the new range of iPods a up-to-date with today's technology and include many new features capabilities.

The 6th generation iPod is here, but do you really care?

Today, when your smartphone paired with a high speed internet holds the key access to almost everything, including a wide range of music from all over the world, will consumers be keen to purchase a separate audio device all over again?

We take a look a few pointers on how, Apple's revamped iPod from grave makes almost no sense to a consumer:

1. Apple doesn't care, why should you? 

In terms of a few prominent specifications, the new iPod comes with an 8MP camera along with an A8 processor but these do not seem enough to match the power of the new iPhones. To think, if Apple was revamping one of its most famous devices and giving it a shiny comeback in the 21st century, it should have left no stone unturned.

The all new Apple iPod 6th generation. Image: Apple

The all new Apple iPod 6th generation. Image: Apple

Also, what's most fancy about the device is the way it has been designed and given colour. But for the new iPod, Apple has adopted a pretty basic standard colour scheme (silver, space gray) which honestly, does not seem very appealing to the eye. They have added a mere two simple colour variants – bright blue and pink. The Cult Of Mac referred to the new iPod update as 'extremely half-baked'.

2. It's not all about Apple Music

Apple 15

Agreed that the latest sensation for many, including Android users is the new music streaming service launched by the company called Apple Music. But if you feel the only way to gain access to the new service, without being able to afford an iPhone, is the new iPod; then think again. Apple has promised that the music service will arrive for Android by year end so there is no use, just to purchase another gadget to stream Apple's prestigious new service.

Apart from Apple Music, there are tons of other music streaming services including Google Music, Spotify, SoundCloud which are equally good as well. Give them a try too.

3. Benchmark result? 

Within a day of its release, the new iPod has been given it's benchmark result too and it is rather surprising. According to a report by TechCrunch, the new iPod touch which depends on the A8 chip, is running on a rather lower clock speed than it does in the iPhone 6.

Image: Igen

Image: Igen

This might hamper the performance and speed of the device. To think, if the company is offering us large storage variants for the device, they could have increased the processor to match up its speed as well.

4. An expensive replica of the iPhone 5

Give it a thought. The new range of iPods might adopt a few design features from the iPhone 5, which is still surprisingly notching some sales numbers. It also has the same 4-inch display along with a decent front facing camera. A consumer could rather put money to purchase a smartphone at the end of the day, which is comparatively cheaper than just another audio player whose generation is long gone. If not the iPhone 5, there are options out there that provide storage and performance on a budget.

5. It is just for kids?

Interestingly, it looks like Apple might be looking at a younger generation as its audience. Cheaper than an iPhone and an iPad, the iPod works pretty well as a starter for children. Fortune believes that the device is a 'drug designed to lure kids into Apple’s ever-growing ecosystem with the promise of an experience that only improves as users graduate to the next device.' An iPod gives access to apps, messaging and does not even bare the cost of heavy monthly data costs.

6. It all comes down to SALES

Image: Statista

Image: Statista

For any company, it's always about the number of devices sold. But for Apple's iPod, its demand over the years has dropped significantly, which does not come as a shock. Also, the above chart offers a statistics the number of iPod units sold worldwide by Apple from 2006 to 2014. It clearly proves that sales for the device have been decreasing in recent years after peaking at 54.83 million in 2008.

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