Shivering Isles Priced, Dated

More questing coming your way...

Today Bethesda announced the price and release date of their expansion to Oblivion, The Shivering Isles. This PC version will be available in stores by the 26th of March while the XBox 360 version can be downloaded from the XBox Live Marketplace on the same day for 2400 Microsoft Points ($29.99). We’ve already carried a preview of this game, but if you’re too lazy, kindly read this:

Shivering Isles Priced, Dated

The second full expansion pack to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Shivering Isles allows players to explore The Isles of Mania and Dementia. Players will be able to reach the Shivering Isles through a door on an island that appears in Niben Bay near Bravil. The expansion will extend Oblivion's gameplay for another 30+ hours, and includes new quests, creatures, and dungeons. Among the new monsters are the Gatekeeper, a collection of body-parts that have been stitched together, and the Knights of the Order, made up of tree roots.


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