Samsung to invest $6.82 billion to boost the production of AMOLED panels

Samsung has invested billions into its AMOLED panel manufacturing business; to push production to 200 million units.

Super AMOLED technology goes way back. Samsung had launched its first Galaxy S smartphone with a Super AMOLED display back in 2010. Six years later and it's still one of the best looking displays on a smartphone. The company only used to incorporate the display for high-end devices, but now it has slowly started using the technology in budget and mid-segment smartphones as well. Samsung hasn't restricted the technology to their own devices however and sell units to a variety of OEMs, including OnePlus, which uses the technology in the OnePlus 3.

According to a bunch of reports, Samsung struck a deal with Apple to provide organic displays for future iPhones. A recent report from Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review now says that Samsung will be investing close $6.82 billion to meet the production demand for next year’s agreement with Apple. This investment means the Korean giant will now have the capacity to churn out an extra 200 million AMOLED panels per year.

Samsung was also said to be the main producer of panels for Apple’s upcoming iPhone but it's not the only one as previous reports suggested that LG and Foxconn will also be providing displays to Apple. However, this recent investment means that Samsung’s role has been pushed up due to factors like quality control, inventory discount, and so on.