Samsung may launch smartwatch with SIM slot in June: Report

Samsung is developing a smartwatch that can make or receive calls without having to be tethered to a mobile phone, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Is it the Gear Solo, a standalone smart watch-phone that leaked earlier this month.


Samsung, the world's largest maker of smartphones, is in discussions with unidentified U.S., Korean and European telecommunications carriers about a so-called "watch-phone" that it hopes to unveil between June and July, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the company's plans.


Earlier this month, a listing spotted by Maktechblog on Indian import site Zauba showed a device called Gear Solo with a code name SM-R710. The smartwatch comes with a network receiver and an embedded SIM. Thanks to the embedded SIM, users will be able to make a call without any need to connect to a smartphone.


Although the gadget’s price has been listed as Rs 12, 499 expect to see a higher retail price, if the device ever makes it to market. A pain point of Gear 2 is that it can work only with Samsung devices which is a barrier for buyers. Unlike it, Gear Solo’s embedded SIM could allow it to make calls without any need to connect to a smartphone which gives it a huge advantage.


The current crop of smartwatches, such as Samsung's own Galaxy Gear, have to be linked to a phone to receive and send messages and perform other basic functions.


But the proposed watch-phone, which will run on Samsung's Tizen operating software, can take photos and handle email independently and will come equipped with a heart monitor, the newspaper reported.


Samsung declined to comment.


Major technology companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung are expected to be in a race to market wearable computing devices, like watches, to consumers this year.


It is unclear how much demand there is for gadgets such as smart glasses or watches, but industry insiders consider them to be the next phase in an increasingly saturated mobile device market.


With input from Reuters

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