Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 'Black Pearl' variant expected to reach India by January

The 'Black Pearl' version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will not reach India until early next year in January.

If you were holding out on that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge purchase for a while in the hopes that the Black Pearl option would arrive this year, well, we have some bad news. According to a Android Headlines, the Black Pearl version of the smartphone will not reach India until early next year in January.

So if you are in a hurry to upgrade to a Galaxy S7 edge, the closest colour to black would be the standard Black Onyx model that is currently on sale. Samsung not too long ago also announced a Blue Coral and a Pink Gold version of its flagship smartphone. The reasons for these new colour options arriving so late, indeed has to do with the now dead Galaxy Note 7 phablet.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Black Pearl variant expected to reach India by January

The Black Pearl variant which was announced just two weeks ago comes with the same black 3D glass panels as on the Black Onyx variant. The addition here is that the metal frame that goes round the sides of the smartphone also now comes in a black finish, making it completely black, similar to Olympics Edition of the smartphone that was announced not too long ago.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Pearl back

The Black Pearl variant indeed seems like a take on the iPhone 7's Jet Black variant, an option that many hesitated to buy considering that even Apple claimed it could get scratched easily. With Samsung however, we have a toughened Gorilla Glass on the back that should avoid getting scratched compared to the iPhone's soft metal finish.

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