Samsung Demonstrates 4G Mobile Technology

In an impressive display, Samsung has demonstrated the world

While here in India our political denizens sit and argue with the mobile industry over 3G spectrum, the world is talking now about 4G. In an impressive display, Samsung has demonstrated the world’s first 4g mobile technology test. The demonstration was carried out on a bus which was traveling at 60 Km/h. This took place at the Samsung 4g conference/forum held in Jeju Korea.The new technology according to Samsung will enable users to download 100 MP3 music files in less than 3 seconds even while a person is on the move.

In the live test the company went onto demonstrate Video On demand and internet access on the bus while the bus was in motion. The mentioned speeds were in excess of 100Mbps data speed. This fulfills the criteria laid down by the the International Telecom-munication Union which defines 4G technology as a wireless telecommunications technology allowing data transfer rates of 1Gbps (Gbit per second) at stationary positions and 100Mbps in mobile circumstances. The spectrum for this technology has not been laid out and is expected to be finalized in October 2007 with deployment to commercial status by 2010.