Samsung collaborates with Intel Security to secure Tizen smartphones

Intel Security announced that it will deliver its McAfee Mobile Security software pre-installed in the first Samsung smartphones running the Tizen open-source operating system.

Intel Security has announced that it will pre-install its McAfee Mobile Security software on the Samsung smartphones running the Tizen open-source operating system.

A research by Intel Security found that the manipulation of legitimate mobile apps and services has played a key role in the expansion of mobile malware. The need for robust security options to detect threats across multiple operating systems is a necessity now.

“With mobile malware samples up, we firmly believe that security should be seamlessly integrated into telecommunications,” said Sean Duca, Chief Technology Officer Asia Pacific, McAfee.  He added that, “By including our software on new operating systems like Tizen, security is developed in parallel with the ever-expanding technology landscape.”

The latest version of McAfee Mobile Security for Android, iOS and Tizen devices enables consumers to run instant privacy and security scans, as well as allowing users to easily remove the apps that may pose the most significant risks.

Users are recommended to run regular scans on smartphones, lock devices with a personal identification number or password and avoid opening a link or file from someone you don’t know. It is always best to avoid opening attachments from unknown senders.

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