Rupee falls to lifetime low, and social media knows how to make this right

As sad as the fall of the rupee is, we can always turn to sarcasm for some solace, right?

On 28 June, the value of the rupee was reported at an all-time low, reaching almost 69.0925 per dollar.

While analysts have been saying that the slump is owed to a rise in crude prices, and offering complex ways to fix the value of rupee, social media offers a much simpler and funnier way out of this crisis.

From one-liners to sarcasm, it did not take long for social media to turn the ‘sad’ news around. While some people online are comparing this situation to Germany’s fall in terms of football, others decided to take the light-hearted optimism route. Some are even relating to the rupee!

India is the third largest consumer of oil and the rise in prices has clearly taken a toll on the market.

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