RIM looking for Apple iOS app developer

Now falling deeper into the shadow of the big players in the game, Canadian company, RIM is looking for more ...

Now falling deeper into the shadow of the big players in the game, Canadian company, RIM is looking for more innovative methods to boost their device capabilities and bring them back into the spotlight. In a recent post on LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, it seems that RIM is looking at software developers with deep experience building applications for Apple's iPhone and iPad. That could mean a lot of things, but speculations are implying that the company could be working on a strategy to adapt some of its proprietary applications for use on Apple's homegrown iOS operating system.


Could this mean that services, like BBM could soon make it to the popular operating systems, like iOS and Android? That would be one way to get themselves “out of the red”, so to speak. The rumours that RIM was planning to go iOS and or Android with BBM have been in circulation for some time now, but no concrete evidence to prove this in the works has been brought up. So far it seems, like RIM is pushing their BBM app to the very extreme limits for the sales of their handsets. Seemingly, it’s their saving grace on this downhill slope they're on.


RIM looking for Apple iOS app developer

Time to meet Apple and Android



The post states that any candidate applying would be required to - create exciting enterprise applications for distribution on the iOS platform. In addition the ‘chosen one’ should also be capable of - architecting, designing, developing and testing complex applications for iPhone and iPad devices.


It’s not clear as to why exactly RIM is looking for a developer of this specific caliber, but the natural assumption would be to assume it’s for some sort of ‘porting’ of enterprise and related apps to Apple’s turf. What, perhaps, they should consider is focusing on making Android apps easily available for BlackBerry OS not just on the PlayBook, but on their entire range of devices. That would at least allow BlackBerry users the access to a much wider array of apps than what’s currently on their quite high-priced and meagerly stocked App World.


According to one report, a mere 16 percent of the app development community were "very interested" in creating apps for BlackBerry. 90 percent had their hooks into iOS and 80 percent were going with Android. In November, RIM introduced software to allow businesses and governments to manage Apple and Android devices, in much the same way they can handle the BlackBerry.