Ride-hailing service Uber launches Uber Health in US, providing patients and caregivers with reliable transportation

Features in Uber Health include, firstly, flexible ride scheduling for patients, caregivers and staffers.

Ride-hailing service Uber has launched Uber Health in a bid to bring mobility in health, which includes comfortable transportation for patients.

Representational image. Reuters.

Representational image. Reuters.

According to the Uber Newsroom, the ride-hailing app is providing a host of health-related features with an aim to bring ease of transportation for patients.

These features include, firstly, flexible ride scheduling for patients, caregivers and staffers.

Here, on behalf of patients, caregivers, and staff, the coordinators can schedule rides for few hours or up to 30 days in advance. It is not known whether there will be a separate app for this or it will work within the existing app. For caregivers and health organisations, there will be a single dashboard interface to schedule rides along with an option of follow-up appointments, in case the person is still at a healthcare facility. Rides can also be book multiple times.

A good part of this new feature is that a smartphone or an app is not required, on the part of the patient or the one who needs it. Communication can be made via text messages and Uber Health will likely introduce communication via landlines as well which should work well for seniors.

For the user, tracking spending on rides, which includes billing monthly statements, and appointments will be simplified.

As of now, Uber Health has only been launched in the US. Uber has tied up with over 100 organisations, which include hospitals, clinics, rehab centres and senior care facilities.

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