Resident Evil 6 to have six player co-op?

Rumour has it the latest Resident Evil game could offer six player co-operative play.

On a slow news day, rumour mongering is all we have and after reports of an alleged God of War IV announcement by Sony surfaced today, we have yet another one sprouting up from regarding the recently announced Resident Evil 6.

In case you’ve been MIA from the internet since the past few days, Capcom announced Resident Evil 6 via a pretty sweet gameplay trailer much to the disappointment of purists. They’re upset at the fact that Resident Evil 6 seems highly action oriented much like its spin-off, Operation Raccoon City as opposed to older RE games that were more about skulking around shadows rather than blowing undead brains all over the floor.

Resident Evil 6 to have six player co-op?

Scared yet?


And it looks like those purists are about to get even sadder as Resident Evil 6 may end up getting six player co-operative play. This isn’t much of a shocker as co-operative play was introduced in the Resident Evil franchise with RE5 and I personally felt it worked real well. Besides co-op play, RE6 may get online competitive play as well for up to eight players. None of this has been officially acknowledged by Capcom but if we were to guess, multiplayer in RE6 will probably be on the lines of Left4Dead where one team will play as humans while the other has to tear them apart as various zombies.

Resident Evil releases this November for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC and you can stay tuned to Tech2 for more Resident Evil 6 updates.


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