Recording Industry Says Limewire Owes Them $ 75 Trillion

Recording industry claims that the actual and punitive damage amounts to anywhere between $400 billion and 75 trillion.

I won’t deny that I’ve used Limewire before. I’ve gotten tons of songs from it; ones that I’d never be able to get in any music store in India (well that was my justification back then). Well, not at that time, anyway. Of course, now Limewire is dead and gone, and the recording industry is probably looking for their next target. According to Hot Hardware, they haven’t finished with Limewire yet, though. Apparently, Limewire has a large debt to pay off, and that could be anywhere between $400 billion and 75 trillion. Have your eyes fallen out of their sockets yet? Have you stopped breathing?  Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?

Did you really expect us to believe you, recoring industry?

Really now? Photo Courtesy


Hot Hardware has actually come up with this really cool chart that shows exactly how much $ 75,000,000,000,000 is (yes, it really does have that many zeros). According to the chart, the entire world’s GDP estimated in 2011 is $65 trillion and the United States’ National debt amounts to $14.25 trillion. So according to the recording industry, Limewire basically owes them more than what the entire world is worth; literally. Of course, the judge in charge of the case has rubbished this, saying that it is absurd and that the actually amount is going to be less than the said amount.

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