Ready, set, buy: Flipkart to sell 20,000 Xiaomi Mi3 units today

Flipkart and Xiaomi are continuing their Tuesday mania, choosing the day in the week to release a limited number of devices into the market - 20,000 units at a time.


So the next Mi 3 flash sale will go live on today at 2 pm with another 20,000 units of the Mi 3 to go on sale exclusively on Flipkart, yet again. The company claims to have already received over 1,00,000 registrations by Saturday.

 Ready, set, buy: Flipkart to sell 20,000 Xiaomi Mi3 units today

Mi 3 flash sale now on August 26


In its official Facebook post, the company had also announced Mi 3 accessories that are now available for pre-order. The accessories list includes flip covers in white, blue and black. Xiaomi has also put up a screen protector for pre-order on Flipkart. The flip covers are available for Rs 559 each, while the screen protector will cost Rs 179.


The buzz around the device just doesn't seem to die. Together with Flipkart Xiaomi has been re-creating record sale theatrics week after week, and we assume this Tuesday won't be any different. As soon as the Mi 3 went live on the site on July 22, Flipkart couldn’t handle the traffic and the site crashed temporarily. Within 40 minutes, Flipkart claimed the Mi 3 was out of stock, but the site promptly said it would bring in the next batch on July 29 while the registration would begin on July 28. And to top it all, the second batch apparently sold in five seconds.


Its third batch sold out at a record less than two seconds and we saw a similar figure of 2.4 seconds for its latest flash sale that took place yesterday. Two seconds may sound unbelievable? This was possible as Flipkart had changed the process for the second batch wherein users simply needed to add the device to their carts, and could make the payment any time later that day.


Xiaomi’s fifth batch of smartphones that went up on sale on August 19 at 2PM sold out within mere seconds, yet again. Even with the evident demand, Xiaomi has been releasing meagre units, much to the frustration of the masses.


At just Rs 13,999, the Mi 3 packs a Snapdragon 800, which is by far the cheapest high-end phone available in the market. It competes with the likes of the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z at nearly half the price. Read our Xiaomi Mi 3 review, to find out if it is worth buying. For those who were unable to get their hands on the device at the fifth try, check out four alternatives to the Mi 3.

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