Re-discovering Android through 3G

Switching from a regular data connection to 3G on your Android is like switching from a regular phone to a smartphone.

Switching to a smart phone from a not-so-smart phone is always an epiphanic moment. And if you are a regular Google user (who isn't these days?) watching how an Android phone so seamlessly integrates with your Gmail, YouTube and other Google experiences is in a word, epic.

Spend a few days playing with your phone and it will only be a matter of time till you start wondering how you got through life without navigating Google Play (the app store formerly known as marketplace), or whipping out your phone to read everything from emails to articles.

The one thing that can kill the entire experience though, is a slow net connection. Believe me there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and then waiting. And waiting. And waiting for it to open. And then woe betide you if you are reading an article that opens on another page.

Re-discovering Android through 3GMost data connections unfortunately don't give you the kind of connectivity speeds you need to fully enjoy your Android experience. You may have 'unlimited data' but you end up wasting a whole lot of time just waiting for things to load. And downloading apps from Google Play becomes more frustrating than anything else.

Remember the time when you would surf on a 56k Modem and wait for pages to load so that you could get on with life? Well, without 3G, mobiles are pretty much like modem's. To make optimum use of all that your Android smartphone offers-- you need a good net connection.

And when you switch from a regular data connection to 3G the difference is almost as stark as when you first switch to a smartphone from a regular phone.

With 3G, your Android just opens up to you. You can play games, use facebook, twitter, instragram and do it all in real time. With a good smartphone, you can probably even do without a laptop. Laptops are for work, smartphones, on the other hand, are the key to life in the digital age.

They're handy, they're powerful and they can do everything from helping you navigate a strange city to helping you figure out where all your friends are and what they are doing.

And you fully begin to realise the potential of your Android phone and just what a fiendishly clever little device you have on your hands. It's like an epiphany all over again.

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