Raksha Bandhan: Gift ideas for your globetrotting sister

No matter why your sister travels a lot, she’s going to love her sibling just a little bit more if they were to give her some of this stuff.

It has been scientifically proven that investing in experiences such as outdoor activities, skill-based hobbies or travelling can bring more happiness than the purchase of material goods. However, let’s not be hasty and write material goods off altogether. Material goods are tremendous at adding value to great experiences, while being exceptional at alleviating boredom (no science here, but if you remember I didn’t quote any studies earlier, either).

So we hear you’ve got a sister who’s bought into the half-science which forms the basis of this story, and we know the type. Be it on a multinational assignment of working tirelessly in business class lounges, or the pursuit of happiness in some tiny island nation on a shoestring budget, one thing’s for sure: she’s going to love her sibling just a little bit more if they were to give her some of this stuff.

Lo & Sons’ “The O.M.G.” Medium Overnight Bag

Raksha Bandhan: Gift ideas for your globetrotting sister

The O.M.G. almost defies all reason. It looks stylish (forgive this philistine’s lack of aesthetic sense if you don’t think this is the case, thank you), and it’s got enough room for a 13-inch laptop, a standard size tablet (or work documents if you’re a paper person), easy access via front pockets for essentials, a conveniently located key leash, and a side slot for packing an extra pair of shoes. This is going to help your sister stay organised and productive on her 13-inch MacBook Pro and her newly purchased iPad Mini, all while travelling around with a piece of luggage which is multi-functional.

The only caveat? Lo & Sons does not ship outside the United States. Fortunately, you can just order it to your cousin’s place in L.A. when your sis is visiting next month.

Price: US$275 | Approx. Rs 18,500

Where to buy: https://www.loandsons.com/the-omg


Nomad Key for iPhone & Android


You sister will learn to love the Nomad Key you just gifted her, every time she’s outside the house and even more so when she’s travelling. Available in Apple Lightning, standard Micro USB or even for your trend-ignoring Pebble SmartWatch, Nomad Key is the perfect little thing for charging and syncing mobile phones on the go.

It’s small enough to accommodate those Airbnb keys your sister just picked up in London, while the high-grade polycarbonate construction makes it durable enough to weather a sandstorm in Marakkech (even if the accompanying human being does not). It’s flexible enough to plug into the hardest-to-reach USB ports (Malaysia Airlines, I’m talking to you), and your sister will not be lacking of charge, sync, or unhindered access to a stranger’s home ever again.

Price: US$19.95 + US$10 Shipping to India | Approx. Rs 2,000

Where to buy: http://www.hellonomad.com/products/key


CamelBak All Clear Bottle

CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purifier

Perfect for backpacking trips or hikes into the wilderness, Camelbak’s UV Purification Bottle turns any tap or clear natural water into portable drinking water in a minute. Not only can you fulfill your dream of purchasing a water bottle with an LCD screen, your sister will thank you for its practicality. The bottle’s UV system is powered via USB, with a full charge treating 16 gallons of water.

You’ll still need to find clear water (muddy or dirty water cannot be treated, of course), and you might want to carry around a power bank or two, unless the Indian Forest Service installed USB ports all over the Nilgiris since the last time I checked. Pick up the All Clear Pre-Filter if you want your water devoid of the special crunch only pebbles can offer.

Price: Approx Rs.8,000 | Pre-Filter Price: Rs 999

Where to buy: Amazon.in


Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer


It’s not practical for your sister to cart around an unwieldy Steam Iron on her many voyages. Hotel laundry can be exorbitantly priced as well as unreliable. The solution to these problems comes in the form of a rather convenient piece of corded machinery: the handheld garment steamer.

Philips’ crease-eliminating apparatus is both travel friendly, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. It’s not without cons, however. The capacity of the tank is only 60ml, sometimes requiring multiple refills for larger, thicker garments, while the end result will ultimately be a test of both your patience and skill. But you can’t put a price on convenience. Actually, you can; it’s around four thousand rupees.

Price: Approx. Rs 4,000

Where to buy: Amazon.in


Bose QuietComfort-35 Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort-35-2

What folds up, combines top-of-the-shelf audio quality with active noise cancelling technology and shares part of its name with an Indian freedom fighter whose last days continue to be shrouded in mystery? Yep, it’s the Bose QuietComfort-35, the newest addition to the critically acclaimed QuietComfort line of products. Improvements over its predecessor (the QC-25) include better ergonomics, more advanced acoustic noise cancellation system, an integrated rechargeable battery and the option to use it as a wired headphone if your battery runs out (noise cancellation requires battery charge, however).  

What’s more, your sister will be able to take calls on it once paired with her phone. I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like something you would enjoy treating yourself to on Independence Day. Well, you could always pick it up as a gift and “borrow” it as often as possible—guilt free. Pair it with an airplane adapter for a significant upgrade over the earphones you’re given on a flight.

Price: Approx. Rs 30,000

Where to buy: Amazon.in