Raksha Bandhan: Even if your sister lives on the other side of the Earth, sending her gifts isn't that hard

Her rakhi has already arrived, thanks to the super-duper fast courier services; but, what remains now is your end of the bargain – a nice gift.

By Pallavi Chalkar

The festival of Rakhi is approaching, and it brings with it the dilemma of what to buy for your sister. It was easier when she stayed close and you could take her shopping; but now that she is far way, taking her shopping is going to be hard. Her rakhi has already arrived, thanks to the super-duper fast courier services; but, what remains now is your end of the bargain – a nice gift. And let’s admit it, you miss her too! So unless you can go and visit her to celebrate rakhi, your best bargain would be the sending of a nice and thoughtful gift – something that makes your sister happy.

Listed below are some useful suggestions for gifting the sister who lives rather far away.

From the clueless brother
Be honest with yourselves, the bulk of you brothers out there don't know the first thing that your sister wants or are entirely unsure about your judgement when it comes to gifts. If you are that type, these suggestions should have you sorted out in no time at all.


Raksha Bandhan: Even if your sister lives on the other side of the Earth, sending her gifts isnt that hard

Anything that allows long distance gifting is welcome here. So you can send her “something” from this fun website called SomethingStore that operates simply on the principle that they will send the addressee (receiver) something, an item selected randomly among many products from their inventory. For $10 (free shipping in the US) and the addressee (receiver) will discover what her something is when they receive it. For details please visit.
Price: $10 per gift (around Rs 700)


How about an unknown gift package arriving at your sister’s doorstep every week? This is where rrandomize steps in. Their working principle is simple — you have to work out your budget and gifting frequency, pay an amount, and there will be gifts sent to your sister at regular intervals as per the schedule you set.

Can you imagine the happy look on her face? It will be like celebrating rakhi every month for the entire year! And hey, what she doesn't like, she'll probably palm off to you anyway. Win win!

If all else fails...

Amazon Gift card

If, like most brothers, you're utterly clueless as to what your sister would like, then you have the option of sending her a gift card from Amazon and the like. Depending on her location, you'll have a number of options at your disposal. You can decide your budget, buy the card online and send her as a gift. Traditionally too, brothers would often gift money to their sisters, so that the sisters may choose to buy what they deem fit. It's kind of a cool way of maintaining a traditional practice – with the added saving grace of not struggling with finding her a gift!

Pro tip: To make up for your cluelessness, make the card is generous.


Fabindia 640

So your sister loves ethnic wear and she misses India and your family back home! Buy her something nice and indian from the FabIndia website, which also has an option of international stores. It would be pretty nice for her to find that lovely kurta at her doorsteps just on time to celebrate rakhi, or that pretty upholstery that she was looking to add to her new home. You can take a friend or your mother’s help on choosing for her; or just ask her what she likes from their collection and buy her that – technology definitely makes life easier these days. If you're doubtful of your ability to pick something nice, at least let her loose on the site so she can load up the cart while you pay for everything.

For all the above:

Price: As you choose.
Availability : International/wherever she is.
After effect, her happiness : Priceless!

Chromebook 11.6-inch

Chromebook 640

You know that troubleshooting your sister's tech issues is a nightmare, but she needs some tech in her life and to that end, a Chromebook would be the perfect gift. A Chromebook is essentially a laptop that only runs the Chrome browser. It can do more than that, but it's primarily a browser. As long as your sister has a stable internet connection, the Chromebook will work. Apps for work are usually online anyway, as are streaming services and other such tools. The best part of this is that Chromebooks are hassle-free and easy to use.

The two of you can stay connected, she'll have a great device and you'll have peace of mind. Chromebooks are also not that hard on the pocket.

Price: Starting at around Rs 10,000. You can get them just about anywhere.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Nano

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router Nano 640

Xiaomi describes the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Nano as a high-performance device that fits in the palm of your hand; and rightly so! This compact, sleek, portable Wifi Router with barely weighs 100g and is a perfect gift to ensure that your sister is always connected. It's a simple and elegant Nano router — compatible with Web, Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS — with a transmission rate of 300Mbps at 2.4GHz. Its makers claim to have found a way to use a high-precision technology from an SMT smart router, which increases the device performance and significantly reduces the size of its components and PCB – making it Nano! This device is well equipped with a dual-band antenna PCB, high-performance processor and Smart Mi Wifi system – a powerful system to handle connections better!

Price: Rs 1,590 on eBay