Rajinikanth joins Twitter: Over 1.5 lakh followers with just one tweet

Indian film superstar Rajinikanth has at long last joined Twitter and with his first tweet the legendary actor has garnered over 50,000 followers and counting.


In fact, before Rajini even made his first ever tweet, he had gained over 10,000 followers. It’s believed to be the first social networking site joined by Rajinikanth.


The usually reticent star has been in the limelight recently due to the imminent release of his next caper and his first animated film, Kochadaiiyaan. Announcing his Twitter arrival, the actor said, "I have always believed that my career graph is a miracle I owe my fans," Rajinikanth said after joining Twitter.


"I have been contemplating joining the social media platform for a while to connect with them, hear what they have to say and share my thoughts... I decided to start with Twitter because I felt that the platform is abuzz with all the news and the trends that happen across the globe and I'm told that this is where all the best Rajini one liners are!” he added.


Fluence, a celebrity digital network, will manage Rajinikanth’s digital interests and make sure he has a healthy social media presence. Twitter users around the world can follow and converse live with the superstar by visiting Twitter.com/SuperStarRajini or @SuperStarRajini on their Twitter app.


Twitter's Market Director, Rishi Jaitly welcomed the superstar and said, ".. This is truly an "only-on-Twitter" moment as Superstar Rajinikanth’s debut on Twitter also marks his debut in the digital space more generally. We welcome Rajinikanth to Twitter, are happy to support his launch on the platform and look forward to watching him use our mobile service to engage in live, public conversations with fans and other icons around the world." he said.


Reportedly, to make Superstar Rajinikanth’s debut on Twitter more exciting fans from all over the world, those who follow him in the first week, will receive a WelcomeGraph — a personalized welcome picture from the icon.

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