Quantum to Sue Apple Over The iPhone?

Apple may soon be sued by touch screen patent holder, Quantum Research, over the iPhone.

Close on the heels of the trademark settlement with Cisco, Apple may soon find itself in more trouble, over the iPhone. UK based touch-sensor manufacturer, Quantum Research, has threatened to sue Apple if it finds that the company has infringed on its touch screen patent. Quantum is currently examining the phone for the same.

Quantum to Sue Apple Over The iPhone?

According to reports, Duncan Bryan, licensing director at Quantum Research said that the description of the iPhone suggests it uses a rear-surface touch screen, and has proximity sensing which can tell if it is held to the ear, which is a Quantum Research capability. He added that if Apple has used the charge transfer technology to give the iPhone that capability, then Apple could be infringing the firm's patent.

This is the second attempt by Quantum, to warn Apple about infringing on its patent. The company had filed a case against Apple, for applying its patented charge transfer technology in the wheel control in iPod Nano. The first patent-infringement lawsuit, filed in December 2005 is still under process. Apple has denied those charges and has filed counterclaims against Quantum.


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