Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 with AI-capabilities launched for mid-range smartphones

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 is equipped with Multicore AI Engine, Kryo CPU, and Spectra ISP.

Qualcomm just announced a new addition to its Snapdragon 600 series, the Snapdragon 670, which has been designed for mid-range phones and is artificial intelligence-focused. Qualcomm wants to deliver "smartphone consumers more to play with throughout their day, quickly and efficiently" by making the SoC equipped with Multicore AI Engine, Kryo CPU, Spectra ISP.

The Qualcomm AI Engine has been designed for smarter, more intuitive interactions. It will bring AI smart camera settings to phones. It has a 1.8x improvement over the previous generation. Photography to voice recognition will also be enhanced due to the combination of Hexagon Vector Processor, Adreno Visual Processing subsystem, and Kryo CPU.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 with AI-capabilities launched for mid-range smartphones

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Powering the Snapdragon 670 is the Kryo CPU, which according to Qualcomm provides a 15 percent performance uplift as compared to the previous generation, in order to offer virtually seamless, ultra-speedy multitasking. This will not affect the battery life. It uses two performance cores (of up to 2.0GHz) and six efficiency cores (of up to 1.7GHz).

Further, the SoC uses the same digital signal processing that is present in some higher-tier mobile platforms including the Qualcomm Hexagon 685 DSP.

In terms of graphics, the Adreno 615 graphics processing unit (GPU) is said to deliver a good gaming experience. It will deliver "console-like gaming, life-like experiences, and stunning graphics, plus Ultra HD video capture and playback." The power consumption will be much according to the company.

Talking about connectivity, the new SoC has the snapdragon X12 modem, which has been designed to support lightning-fast connections and automatic switching between LTE and Wi-Fi. This should provide better-quality audio and video calls. Further, the app experience is also likely to improve.

Finally, it has the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 plus technology, and the company claims that it can take devices from empty to 50 percent in 15 minutes. If this is true, more music and video streaming, more game-playing without much worry about the battery will be a possibility.

For devices, which will be equipped with Snapdragon 670, the maximum megapixel support that it can offer is up to 25 MP single camera, and up to 16 MP dual camera. The maximum on-device display that it supports is FHD+ with 2560x1600 pixels, whereas the maximum external display it supports is up to 4K.

The company has equipped the chipset with Qualcomm Mobile Security, Qualcomm Processor Security, and Qualcomm Content Protection.