Qi Wireless charging now improved with distance extension

Wireless charging is not a feature seen on all devices, but that could change soon, as new technology could make it easier to implement.


One of the most popular wireless charging standard, Qi (pronounced chee), from the Wireless Power Consortium has been striving to make a mark in the mobile space. It has now introduced extension to its specification, which will allow it to charge devices at short distances.


The Wireless Power Consortium has now added a magnetic resonant extension of the Qi specification's inductive charging technology. Basically, it means a new version or extension that increases the distance over which wireless charging is possible.


Wireless charging means transmitting power/energy to your device through the air, in order to charge it and Qi uses inductive coupling to transfer power. However, the device needed to be very close to the charging plate/device. In fact, so close that it should be lying flat on the charging plate.


However, with the version 1.2 of the Qi standard, the Consortium adds resonant charging extension that will support charging over distances of up to 45mm. Now, 45mm is less than two inches and may not seem a significant distance, nevertheless is a big step towards further improvements. Moreover, Qi 1.2 is said to be backwards-compatible and the update will work with existing Qi devices.


Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard has manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony working on it. The aim is simply to make this a global standard for wireless charging. Nokia was among the first companies to show off wireless charging using the Qi standard with its Lumia smartphones and a couple of accessories such as the Wireless Charging Plate and Wireless Charging Stand.

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