PM Narendra Modi to launch online e-rickshaws on Ola app as part of 'Stand Up India' initiative

Taxi-hailing app Ola announced the introduction of e-rickshaws on its mobile app, in an effort to enable mobility in smaller towns and cities. The first Ola e-rickshaw will be booked via the Ola app later today, by PM Narendra Modi, at the launch of ‘Stand-Up India’ initiative.

Taxi-hailing app Ola announced the introduction of e-rickshaws on its mobile app, in an effort to enable mobility in smaller towns and cities. The first Ola e-rickshaw will be booked via the Ola app later today, by PM Narendra Modi, at the launch of ‘Stand Up India’ initiative.

Almost 5,100 Ola e-rickshaws will be launched in partnership with Bhartiya Micro Credit (BMC) at the event and will be deployed across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad respectively. Ola and BMC are also said to set up and run skill development centers in these towns to enable continuous training for thousands of rickshaw driver-entrepreneurs. 

Ola stated in a press statement that its e-rickshaw initiative aims to strengthen mobility in these towns, using technology that is convenient for both driver-partners and customers. Citizens in these cities and towns currently suffer from lack of convenient and reliable mobility options, especially for short distances. e-rickshaws are an affordable and greener alternative in these cities that can serve mobility needs unique to these small towns and cities in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Pranay Jivrajka, Chief Operating Officer at Ola said, "It’s an honour to support PM Modi’s ‘Stand-up India’ initiative aimed at empowering thousands of e-rickshaw driver-partners, with innovative micro-entrepreneurship solutions and technology platform. Economic growth, rapid urbanisation and environmental concerns are driving the need for innovative mobility solutions across the country. The transportation needs of users in smaller towns and sustainable alternatives for cycle rickshaw pedallers will be solved for with the introduction of e-rickshaws on the Ola app, which are affordable, environment friendly and convenient to hail. We believe this will touch the lives of hundreds of millions of citizens as well as the livelihoods of millions of driver entrepreneurs, taking us closer to our mission of mobility for a billion people."

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