Play Skee Ball with your smartphone in this Google Chrome Experiment

Don’t we all remember having spent ages in gaming arcades as a kid? The countless hours we’ve played games to win tickets to take home prizes and

Remember the countless hours spent at gaming arcades, playing to win tickets to prizes and the ensuing fun? Miss those hot afternoons with chiptunes ringing in the sound of victory? Well, Google is giving you chance to relive all those fun times with a new Chrome Experiment called Roll It.

All you need is a smartphone and a PC to play Roll It, a virtual Skee Ball game. You can have up to three players pit against each other in the game. The aim of Roll It is to aim a ball into an inclined lane in order to make them fall into holes that have points. The holes further away have the most points while the ones closer and easier to target have fewer points.

Roll It!

Roll It!


To play this new arcade game from Google, you need to head on to on your desktop or laptops to generate a code. Head on to from a smart browser like Chrome on your smartphones. Pair the devices and tilt to choose the number of players. To play, you need to aim from your phone and then swing it in order to aim. The game guarantees a few fun hours on a boring day indoors with a couple of friends.

Unlike most other Chrome Experiment games, you will only need one phone to play Roll It. The game works on turns and thus gives enough time for each player to score maximum points to generate “redeem-able" coupons at the end of the game. Of course, we need not tell you that unlike real arcades, you cannot trade in coupons generated by Chrome Experiment. Yes, it’s a bummer.

Google had also showed off Racer at the Google I/O, another one of their successful Experiments. The game gets you to keep your friends and your devices next to each other to create a Hot-Wheels like racing track on which you can control a car. You can check Racer out here.

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